We are hiring energetic, passionate, and experienced professionals for the positions of Firewall & Network Security at SBI Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Duties and Responsibilities of Firewall & Network Securities:

  • Designing and maintaining the OIT managed firewall infrastructure
  • Providing on-going support
  • Troubleshooting firewall infrastructure problems
  • Troubleshooting firewall related problems as reported by customers
  • Providing training to firewall administrators.
  • Completing OIT’s Central Firewall Training course
  • Knowing and understanding their environment and applications
  • Defining and managing their firewall policies. OIT staff can assist, but are not responsible for defining or managing firewall policies
  • Accessing and managing firewall policies via the command line interface or the Fortigate Appliance
  • Troubleshooting their own firewall policies before contacting OIT
  • Ensuring that the device they use to manage their firewall policies is configured with an IP from the primary subnet, if they are obtaining an IP from a Vlan that contains multiple subnet ranges.
  • Support staff should work with those in their department who are authorized to manage firewall policies to troubleshoot the problem before contacting OIT.

About SBI Payment Services Pvt Ltd

Growth happens when the right people, with requisite skills and capabilities partner with other such people to no just initiate but facilitate the growth process! This is what we at SBI Payments do each day, by providing solutions on key activities related to Merchant Acquiring Business and thereby making cashless transactions a convenient reality for the merchants acquired by State Bank of India (SBI) and making growth a possibility for them!
We are one of the top acquirers of the country providing solutions to Merchants for facilitating merchant payment for goods and services purchased through various form factors like Cards, QR Codes, App based solution (UPI P2M, YONO Sale & Cash) and Aadhar based solutions (Bhim Aadhar SBI).
SBI became the first public sector bank to form an exclusive JV for merchant acquiring business and commence the journey to create a state-of-the-art acceptance ecosystem in all geographies of the country and enable the merchants to accept payments digitally across various form factors.
The joint venture is integral to driving our vision towards digital evolution through product, process and platform innovation. Through this partnership we are determined to deliver value and differentiation to our customers at affordable price.