Brightwheel is seeking a Senior Business Analyst to join the Analytics team. We are looking for a world-class problem solver and a highly structured thinker who can break down and solve any challenge using data. This person will answer high-priority, targeted business questions to drive growth and support day-to-day reporting needed across the business – including Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and more. Additionally, this person will work closely with our Data & Analytics Engineering team on building and improving the operational data sets that power our analytics and operational workflows.
The ideal candidate has a strong bias towards action, enjoys finding patterns amidst chaos, and has repeatedly demonstrated success using analytics to drive impact. In addition, we are looking for someone with the technical skills to surface insights quickly and the communication skills to translate those insights in a way that persuades action.

Duties and Responsibilities of Senior Business Analyst:

      • Use quantitative data analysis across multiple data sources  to provide insights to help business and product leaders understand critical business questions – including identifying and quantifying the key levers that impact the business
      • Identify analyses and key metrics to drive and inform our GTM strategy and track progress against company initiatives
      • Report against company initiatives by identifying key metrics and building executive-facing dashboards to track progress across the business, including areas like Marketing, Sales, Product, and Customer Success
      • Build scaled analytical solutions for the business partnering closely with Data Engineering to simultaneously ensure sustainable sources in the data warehouse
      • Partner closely with your internal customers to intake, prioritize and deliver against new report requests and analysis/business questions
      • Collaborate with cross-functional operational teams to drive continuous data discovery and usage

Qualifications, Skills, & Abilities for the position of Senior Business Analyst:

    • 2-4 years experience in analytics, business intelligence, FP&A, or another relevant technical role, or 1-2 yrs of analyst experience paired with 1-2 years of consulting or other directly relevant experience
    • Highly proficient in SQL with working knowledge of optimizing and debugging complex queries (Preferred: ETL experience)
    • Proficiency in one or more analytics visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Looker, Mode).
    • Must have experience deriving insights from complex data and dealing with relational databases
    • Working knowledge of data engineering principles: understanding how to store, manage, & retrieve large-scale data sets from multiple systems for analysis or operations
    • Demonstrated ability to be a trusted & respected business partner to all levels in the organization, and the ability to translate data into clear, actionable next steps for internal teams
    • Ownership mindset: Must be able to initiate, prioritize and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
    • Experience with our most relevant tools a plus (Redshift, Tableau, Salesforce, Hubspot, Fivetran, Airflow)
    • Experience designing A/B tests and interpreting results a plus

About Brightwheel

Brightwheel is an innovative and dynamic company that provides a comprehensive software platform designed to simplify and streamline operations in early education and childcare centers. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Brightwheel has emerged as a leading player in the education technology sector, empowering educators and administrators with powerful tools to enhance communication, organization, and engagement within their institutions.

At its core, Brightwheel offers a user-friendly mobile app and web-based platform that serves as a centralized hub for all aspects of running a childcare center or preschool. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Brightwheel enables educators to efficiently manage administrative tasks, communicate with parents, track student attendance, and even document developmental milestones. By automating routine tasks and facilitating seamless communication, the platform frees up valuable time for educators, allowing them to focus on what matters most: providing high-quality care and education to children.

One of the key strengths of Brightwheel is its emphasis on parent engagement. The platform enables real-time communication between educators and parents, ensuring that they are always informed about their child's activities, progress, and overall well-being. Parents can receive updates, photos, and even individualized reports on their child's daily experiences, creating a strong sense of partnership and involvement in their child's educational journey. This transparent and collaborative approach fosters trust and strengthens the connection between educators and parents, ultimately benefiting the child's development.

In addition to its communication and administrative capabilities, Brightwheel also offers features that support learning and curriculum management. Educators can create and share lesson plans, document observations, and track developmental milestones. The platform provides a wealth of resources, including activity suggestions, educational materials, and customizable templates, empowering educators to create engaging and developmentally appropriate experiences for their students.

Brightwheel's commitment to data security and privacy is another notable aspect of the company. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the information it handles, Brightwheel employs industry-leading security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data. The platform complies with stringent privacy regulations and adheres to best practices to ensure that sensitive information remains safe and secure.

Over the years, Brightwheel has gained significant traction and earned the trust of educators, administrators, and parents alike. Its innovative approach to early education management has propelled it to become one of the leading providers in the industry, serving thousands of schools and childcare centers across the United States and beyond. The company's dedication to continuous improvement and its focus on meeting the evolving needs of the early education sector have positioned it as a trailblazer in the realm of education technology.

Our Team
We are a fully remote team with employees across every time zone in the US. Our team is passionate, talented, and customer-focused. Our exceptional investor group includes Addition, Bessemer Venture Partners, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GGV Capital, Lowercase Capital, Emerson Collective, and Mark Cuban.

We believe that everyone—from our employees to the students, teachers, and administrators we serve— should be given the opportunity to learn and thrive, whatever their background may be. We celebrate diversity in all forms because it allows our team and the communities we serve to reach their full potential and do their best work.