Tips For Writing A Perfect Resume

The 4 Best Tips For Writing A Perfect Resume

A well-crafted CV is your golden ticket to securing your dream job at one of the world’s most prestigious corporations.

But, let’s face it, you’ve probably read a few resume-related articles by now and are probably perplexed by the many terminology and instructions available.

JobMajesty provides the correct resume writing suggestions for you if you still need help writing a great resume for the finest jobs in India.

Best Tips For Writing A Perfect Resume

Begin with the appropriate resume format.

It’s only half the battle if you know what you’re up against. You should know and comprehend the three main resume forms in India if you want to know how to write a superb resume.

Regardless of the resume style you choose, employ the reverse-chronology strategy to list your professional experience and academic credentials.

Working your way down the list, begin with the most recent work experience/qualifications. Make sure you only provide information that is relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Keep in mind that resumes should be no more than two pages. Always do your homework before applying for a job, and only include relevant keywords and phrases that your potential employer is looking for — keeping in mind the length of your resume.

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Your Statements Should Be Quantified

Due to space constraints, each item on your resume must have a distinct purpose, particularly in the Work Experience and Skills sections.

Don’t mix up responsibilities and experience. Instead of listing work responsibilities, aim to emphasise accomplishments on your CV (that can be found on the internet).

Calculate your experience and abilities. Try something like “Answered over 300 customer calls weekly and reduced the company’s average response time by 30%” instead of “Answered client calls and queries.”

Employers are looking to be persuaded. Persuade them using facts, figures, and expertise. You can convert dull job descriptions into your job-landing weapon with careful and deft planning.

Maintain a Professional Attitude

Making your resume appear professional is not difficult. For starters, under the Contact Information area, include a formal email address.

Avoid using amusing or even offensive email addresses, since this might jeopardise your professionalism. A doctor with the email address “[email protected]” is unlikely to get hired by a hospital. You see what I mean.

What about your interests and hobbies? When applying for jobs in Malaysia, this component is usually not necessary. However, if you must mention it, make it as relevant to the job application as possible, rather than “Sleeping” and “Eating.”

You may believe that these are little details that employers should ignore, but when it comes to obtaining your next meal, professionalism is essential.

It’s Crucial to Proofread

Because job seekers only have 7.4 seconds to make an impression on recruiters on average, your resume must be reviewed to guarantee that it passes the first step and reaches the “Interview” area.

If your resume contains spelling problems, particularly in the contact information area, these simple blunders might cost you your dream job.

Imagine applying for your desired job, going through difficult interview questions, then never hearing back from the employer because you misspelt your email address or changed your phone number.

The presence of grammatical and spelling errors creates the impression that the candidate is unprofessional, careless with details, and uninterested in the job application.

Most essential, your CV must work with an ATS. ATS is much more ruthless than humans, as even minor spelling errors are totally overlooked by the system, rendering the entire keyword or even important phrases worthless.

Begin writing right now.

Now that you know how to construct a flawless resume, visit our suggested website to see resume samples for various job positions and sectors to help you get started.

There are other resume-building tools like Canva that provide a variety of eye-catching resume templates to assist you.

To increase their chances of securing a job interview, we recommend that job seekers submit referral or recommendation letters from their former supervisors.

Need additional tips on how to create professional CV for a job in India? Visit our JobMajesty blog now for additional Fresh Graduates Interview Tips.

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